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Technology Advisory and Expense Management

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What We Do CCG brings the pieces together for the perfect fit

We help our clients manage the confusing complexities of IT infrastructure transformation projects by taking ownership of the process of bringing together all of the pieces and moving parts of a project and providing actionable insights and advisory guidance, empowering them to make faster and better decisions about technology.

No Strings Attached

IT infrastructure projects are like a puzzle. There are a number of pieces that need to fit together perfectly in order to have successful outcomes. We help IT leaders put those pieces together faster and with greater odds of success. We become part of your team and add deep expertise in four key areas that we believe should be a focus of every IT infrastructure project to ensure successful outcomes.

  • Technical
  • Financial
  • Cultural
  • Security
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We are a small but powerful team that is laser focused on every engagement, giving our clients the time, attention, and service they deserve. We only work a small number of projects at a time so we can go deeper into those engagements and provide a high-end experience and thorough guidance.

We are industry insiders.

We know how the providers work, because we were with the providers. We know how to cut through sales pitch and marketing fluff because we were the sales reps. We know how to develop a business case, do the financial modeling, and sell internally because we were CIOs. We know how to design solutions, because we are engineers. And we know how to create a defensive cybersecurity posture because we built cybersecurity solutions.

We are obsessed with detail, because it’s the details that matter most.

We are focused on gaining a deep understanding of your current and desired state so that we can provide you the best advice and guidance. Our process is proven and consistent, ensuring nothing gets lost or missed. Every engagement, every touchpoint, every document is polished and professional so that you have clear, actionable information that can be shared with your stakeholders.

Your success is our success.

Culturally, we are relationship-driven. And to have long-term relationships, we know we have to consistently produce results. We aren’t just helping you save time and money on IT projects, we are helping you enable the business with technology.

Four Pieces of the Puzzle

Technical: We have unparalleled technical and subject-matter expertise that comes from years of designing solutions for providers. We learn your technical needs, requirements, and dependencies at a deeper level than any broker and align that with our knowledge of the technology landscape to design the perfect solution.

Cultural: We help you find the best-fit providers that can meet the technical and budget requirements but that also deliver the best customer experience for your team and the best user experience for your stakeholders. We align you with providers that will earn your business every day, in every way.

Financial: We have former CIOs on staff that have sat on your side of the table, giving us unique insight into the process a CIO undertakes when building the case for technology projects. We help you with business case development, TCO modeling and cost analysis, cash flow analysis so you can understand and sell the cost and return of your technology investment and help you get projects across the goal line.

Security: Technology infrastructure change is fraught with risk. Any new implementation could open up new threat vectors and the possibility of costly breaches of your cyber defenses. We ensure every solution and every implementation is assessed for risks and vulnerabilities, and we mitigate that through smart solutions and expert advisory services.
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